Where has 2015 gone!!


Wow has time flown by!
Just a quick check in to say I am still here and will be making this blog a focus of 2016!

Goals were achieved, plans were set and accomplished and it has been busy!

I went back to teaching part time and am loving it!

Looking forward to the start of a new year with new adventures!


MIA…but back!



Sorry!!  It has been forever!  I am not so great with keeping up with things but plan to be better!

Where have I been?  The life of a hockey mom and basketball coach wife means not a lot of time to myself!

I have recently completed a 12 week challenge with a local gym Little Sweatshop and the wrap up is on Sunday.  No weight lost but 4 inches.  I am happy with that!

I am in between programs right now as Bikini Body Mommy Challenge ended April 2nd and 4.0 starts on May 4th.  So I have been filling workouts with different ones.  I have to be honest, I like the structure and accountability of a set program.  But I am still working my butt off!


Not a lot of change, but a little is better than none!

I have also been in muffin mode!  I have a freezer full of frozen banana and blueberries so bring on muffins for the kids lunches and snacks.

I found 2 fabulous recipes on Ambitious Kitchen and they are now my go to!  I used liquid coconut oil instead of olive oil and cut the honey back in the blueberry ones, and they are FANTASTIC!


Here is the link for the recipe:


Anyways…I will try to keep more up to date!

Cheers and enjoy the sun!

LOVE New Recipes!!


Chicken…what to do.

I picked up some chicken breasts tonight and thought about making Moroccan Chicken, but forgot the rest of the ingredients.

Hopped onto one of the boards that I have on Pinterest and found this fantastic recipe!

Honey Lime Chicken Skewers

6 TBSP soy sauce

4 TBSP honey

2 TBSP oil

juice of 2 limes

2 garlic cloves

1-2 tsp sriracha

5 chicken breasts


I decided to just do full chicken breasts and grill them on the bbq.

I doubled up the marinade, place the chicken in a ziploc bag for an hour, and then brushed the marinade while grilling.


Honey Lime Chicken Marinade

I poured the left over marinade over quinoa and I reheated and peppers I had steamed.

SOOOOO GOOD!  Everyone cleaned their plates!


The rest of the fam finished the meal off with a pear crisp and I ate these “Ice Cream Pizza” Bites.


Mmmmm….pear crisp!

The “Ice Cream” Pizza Bites were inspired by a recipe from Oh She Glows.

The base was gluten free rice krispies, honey, cocoa, and coconut oil.  You press them into a pizza pan (or silicone mould) and put them in the freezer.  Then you place 4 frozen bananas a 1 TBSP sunflower butter in the vitamix and blend until soft serve consistency.  Put that in the freezer.  And then I topped it with a bit of pear juice, protein powder (I use Arbonne Essentials Vanilla) and water as I need a protein serving to finish off my meals for the day.   They were small, so I had 2!  😉


Have you tried anything new lately??

Non Scale Victories! LOVE ‘Em!!


Reality and perspective check as well as support for my non-scale victories.


Last night after cycle class, I went and stepped on the scale.

I have not stepped on one since June.

I know I feel healthier and stronger. My clothes fit better and I am buying smaller sizes.

Here is the kicker…..I weigh MORE than the last time I weighed myself.

I would be discouraged if I relied solely on that number, but guess what… NOPE!

Not discouraged.

I will keep busting my hump and pushing myself to try new things and to be healthy everyday!

I will continue on this journey to Fit and FAB without relying on some silly number!


Now off to evade some Zombies tomorrow…I am scared for my life!

Workin’ Out…what do you do?



LOVE my me time in the morning!

6 am, up and at ’em!

Since January of this year, I have been doing the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge put on Briana Christine.

It is a free program set up in 90 day challenges.

Here is a link to her webpage…she posts the daily workouts on facebook too!


I LOVE it!  I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed her programs.  We are currently doing 2.0 until it finishes in 60 days and then will do 3.0 in January.

Every day you get an email of the workout to be done.  M, W, F are strength days,  T, TH, S are HIIT cardio days and Sunday is a rest day.

Within the email you get pictorials of all of the exercises as well as a link to the youtube channel she posts the videos on.

I LOVE it!  Have I said that already?  I have steadily increased my weights that I am lifting, and each session you see your reps go up.  Oh ya, you are supposed to keep track of your reps to compare.

When I am not doing BBMC, I run, and also participate in other challenges.  Currently added on a 9 week one for GAME On and am finding my legs getting stronger everyday!  This one includes situps, crunches, mountain climbers, pushups, pistol squats, and squats.

I am also going to try a spin class.  First time for everything!

What do you do?

Protein Waffles…perfect for one of the 5 meals!


Another winner, winner, chicken dinner!

These waffles are so easy to mix up and the are FILLING!


For these ones, I topped with a bit of sunflower butter mixed with water and some sliced peaches I had frozen.

Protein Waffles

1/2 cup oats

1 scoop protein powder ( I use Arbonne Essentials Vanilla Protein Powder)

2 TBSP unsweetened almond milk

water for consistency

-Place dry ingredients in a blender.


-Add almond milk and water until desired consistency.

-Pour onto hot waffle iron…I spritz mine with my oil mister.

**You can add an egg in and make this a complete meal.  🙂


Get your Pumpkin Pie on…without it going on your hips!!




These delicious morsels SCREAM Thanksgiving Dessert!
I am not a big fan of pie crust or the added sugar, etc that goes into pumpkin pie.

These are the perfect solution.

Pumpkin Pie Bites

4 TBSP any combo of oats, coconut, protein powder, almond meal (I used 2 TBSP oats, 2 TBSP Arbonne Essentials Vanilla Protein Powder)
2 TBSP nut butter (I used sunflower butter)
2 TBSP pureed pumpkin…not sweetened
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp each ginger, nutmeg, ground cloves
splash of vanilla

Mix the dry ingredients.
Add the wet and mix.
Roll into balls and place on wax paper.
Place in fridge overnight.


These delicious bites of sin-free heaven are AMAZING!

Happy Thanksgiving!