Workin’ Out…what do you do?



LOVE my me time in the morning!

6 am, up and at ’em!

Since January of this year, I have been doing the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge put on Briana Christine.

It is a free program set up in 90 day challenges.

Here is a link to her webpage…she posts the daily workouts on facebook too!

I LOVE it!  I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed her programs.  We are currently doing 2.0 until it finishes in 60 days and then will do 3.0 in January.

Every day you get an email of the workout to be done.  M, W, F are strength days,  T, TH, S are HIIT cardio days and Sunday is a rest day.

Within the email you get pictorials of all of the exercises as well as a link to the youtube channel she posts the videos on.

I LOVE it!  Have I said that already?  I have steadily increased my weights that I am lifting, and each session you see your reps go up.  Oh ya, you are supposed to keep track of your reps to compare.

When I am not doing BBMC, I run, and also participate in other challenges.  Currently added on a 9 week one for GAME On and am finding my legs getting stronger everyday!  This one includes situps, crunches, mountain climbers, pushups, pistol squats, and squats.

I am also going to try a spin class.  First time for everything!

What do you do?


Bring on the 9 Week Challenge!!


I have been MIA!
And I apologize.

I have been getting life back into order.
I have returned to an awesome position as a Teacher presenting In School Field Trips and it has been so much fun!!

AND…I am part of a 3 person team doing a Game On Challenge.

Rules for each day:
5 clean meals that are 2-4 hours apart
3L of water
7+ hours of sleep
30 minutes of activity
introduce a good behaviour: me…10 minutes of stretching
get rid of a bad habit: me…no snacking after 8pm
100 cal of wiggle room foods for the day
select group of foods

You get points for each activity.
It was a $50 buy in, and the winners split the pot.

Sooooo excited to shop with my $300 winnings…I am a GAME PLAYER!!

Here is a typical clean meal for me!


And THESE are delicious WAFFLES! I have not eaten a waffle in about 15 years…will post the recipe anotehr time!


BRING ON THE GAMES! And hope the odds are ever in MY favour!