“spring” “break”…try “winter stress visit”!



it is supposed to be here.  We had some warm-ish weather and then the hammer was dropped again.

Friday the kids and I packed up and headed to SK to visit my parents at the farm.

Saturday was a day filled with overcast, blowing snow, and wind…but the kids plowed through and payed outside.

6:25pm after supper, the kids decided to go out and play on the snow banks.  They had frozen and melted over the past few days, leaving icicle stalagmites and knives protruding from the ground and now a mom’s worst nightmare.

My Mom had gone outside and the kids quickly called her over and Marrin was screaming!

Marrin had fallen off the snowball and onto the ice leaving a huge gouge in her forehead and her face looking like she had been dragged across a glacier.

We quickly got her in, phoned into the hospital and told them we were coming in.  What a trooper!

6 stitches and many hugs later and we were on our way home.


She is unbelievably strong and makes you realize that things can happen anywhere.  My kids do not live in bubble wrap and I love that they like to be outside.  I am just sad that she had to get so hurt.  😦


and who who wanted to go outside the next day and go sledding…yep…Marrin!


hug your cubs….Momma bears can only be so tough and in so many places.


Do you want to build a snowman…


March 27th

Do you want to build a snowman?


Not now.

Not until next winter.

I am officially done with snow.  But, we have it again.  I am boycotting the “snow”man making by crafting with 2 of the little ones.  Grab a couple of toilet paper tubes, pipecleaners, paint, felt, and away you go!



First, we cut the tubes to 3 sizes for the head, body, and bottom.

Then, we painted them white.


With a glue gun, we attached wiggly eyes, arms, scarves, and bells for buttons.

They were a bit top heavy, so we glued them to a plastic lid for a base and then using white glue, added cotton for the snow.

Oh, and we made them pirates!  These hats were more fun!Image


Breakfast of Champions…when you run out of Spinach!


Breakfast of Champions...when you run out of Spinach!

The way to start the day. I began with a cup of warm water and lemon.

On my plan, I include a protein, a carb, and a healthy fat at breakfast.

Here is what mine looks like:
-2 scoops ARBONNE protein
-dash of cinnamon
-dash of chai spice
-dash of turmeric

Sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon

1 tsp almond butter sprinkled with cinnamon

Cinnamon gets your metabolism going!! So why not incorporate it when you can.

LOVE turmeric! Superfood and awesome anti-inflammatory! GREAT for people who move.
Read more here: http://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/20-health-benefits-of-turmeric.html

Today is a leg, HIIT, and ab day, so now, feeling fueled up I am ready to get MOVING!!

Fitting it In! Chest and Back Day!


Fitting it In!  Chest and Back Day!

Knew we had to be up and at it today! Lots to do. For me, I like to get my activity and workout out of the way before the kids wake up. My alarm goes off at 5:45am…sometimes I drift until 6, but then it is up and at ’em!

I want to tone and develop the muscles in my back and they are not going to get done on their own!

Still need to fit in some ABS and some CARDIO.

Row on!

Keeping Sanity…after volunteering at the preschool!



Very Busy.

Extremely Busy!

The only words to describe 3-4 yr olds on a day when their teacher is away and there is a sub.  They are sooooo funny and out of character….and busy!

Water table…check!



You name it, they are doing it.  I just marvel at the energy that they all have and the ability to sustain it all day.  After 2.5 hours with them, I am ready to be home.  Popped a pomegranate fizz stick in my water on the way home and reveled in the silence on the way home in the car.  Enjoyed a quick protein pudding and now feel refreshed!  I WISH I could bottle their enthusiasm, zest, and cheerful spirit!

Keep smiling!


Bis and Tris Day: Burn Baby Burn!


Bring on the Burn!

I have to admit, I LOVE lifting!  But I feel a tad silly doing Preacher Curls on my arm of my couch…we make do with what we’ve got!

Here is what my workout looked like; Image

I felt AMAZING after it!  4 rounds, about 30 minutes…and the day will continue!  I still need to fit in ABS and CARDIO.


Arms are looking like this right now.  Working for more definition.


Keep lifting!  I am at 10s and now looking into buying powerblocks so that I don’t have this big pile of loose weights!


What do you do for exercise?

Breakfast on Plan: Bring on the GREENS!!


Breakfast on Plan:  Bring on the GREENS!!

I LOVE my GREEN smoothies! Filling and Delicious!

Today’s beast: Power Pear Smoothie

-2 handfuls spinach
-1 handful parsley
-1/2 green pear
-1 tsp almond butter
-1 small scoop maca powder
-1 scoop greens
-sprinkle of chia seeds
-sprinkle of hemp hearts
-2 scoops vegan protein (I choose ARBONNE Essentials Vanilla…creamy and smooth!)
-1 pomegranate fizz stick (ARBONNE Essentials Energy Fizz stick…b vitamins +guarana=alert Les!)

Blend in Vitamix and enjoy! This makes a lot! I will usually have 2 glasses and save the rest for midday snack!