Non Scale Victories! LOVE ‘Em!!


Reality and perspective check as well as support for my non-scale victories.


Last night after cycle class, I went and stepped on the scale.

I have not stepped on one since June.

I know I feel healthier and stronger. My clothes fit better and I am buying smaller sizes.

Here is the kicker…..I weigh MORE than the last time I weighed myself.

I would be discouraged if I relied solely on that number, but guess what… NOPE!

Not discouraged.

I will keep busting my hump and pushing myself to try new things and to be healthy everyday!

I will continue on this journey to Fit and FAB without relying on some silly number!


Now off to evade some Zombies tomorrow…I am scared for my life!


Bring on the 9 Week Challenge!!


I have been MIA!
And I apologize.

I have been getting life back into order.
I have returned to an awesome position as a Teacher presenting In School Field Trips and it has been so much fun!!

AND…I am part of a 3 person team doing a Game On Challenge.

Rules for each day:
5 clean meals that are 2-4 hours apart
3L of water
7+ hours of sleep
30 minutes of activity
introduce a good behaviour: me…10 minutes of stretching
get rid of a bad habit: me…no snacking after 8pm
100 cal of wiggle room foods for the day
select group of foods

You get points for each activity.
It was a $50 buy in, and the winners split the pot.

Sooooo excited to shop with my $300 winnings…I am a GAME PLAYER!!

Here is a typical clean meal for me!


And THESE are delicious WAFFLES! I have not eaten a waffle in about 15 years…will post the recipe anotehr time!


BRING ON THE GAMES! And hope the odds are ever in MY favour!

LES SMASH! Goodbye Scale…..


Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to a SMASH The SCALE event.


I have had a LOVE/HATE…mostly HATE…relationship with my scale.  It DOES NOT measure the weight I can lift, the clothes that fit more comfortably, the smile on my face.


So it was time to say goodbye.

Goodbye my Enemy

Goodbye my Enemy

We wrote messages to them.

And then we SMASHED.



It was so freeing.  And I do not miss stepping on it one bit!

No Friends of Mine

I LOVE that I have traded my weights in.  I have watched myself go from 8lb to 10lb and now 15lb…and only getting stronger!

I also still fit my summer clothes…going on 5 years for some of them!!

How do you measure progress?

The Journey Begins





All words describing the initial decision to get things going.  I am constantly looking, searching, seeking out new ideas for keeping things new, keeping workouts not boring, finding recipes to shake things up, and ways to keep my kids from going driving me crazy.

And I have found a place to chronicle all of this.

Join me on my journey to fitting it all in, LOVING it, and living the Fit and Fab Life!!