MIA…but back!



Sorry!!  It has been forever!  I am not so great with keeping up with things but plan to be better!

Where have I been?  The life of a hockey mom and basketball coach wife means not a lot of time to myself!

I have recently completed a 12 week challenge with a local gym Little Sweatshop and the wrap up is on Sunday.  No weight lost but 4 inches.  I am happy with that!

I am in between programs right now as Bikini Body Mommy Challenge ended April 2nd and 4.0 starts on May 4th.  So I have been filling workouts with different ones.  I have to be honest, I like the structure and accountability of a set program.  But I am still working my butt off!


Not a lot of change, but a little is better than none!

I have also been in muffin mode!  I have a freezer full of frozen banana and blueberries so bring on muffins for the kids lunches and snacks.

I found 2 fabulous recipes on Ambitious Kitchen and they are now my go to!  I used liquid coconut oil instead of olive oil and cut the honey back in the blueberry ones, and they are FANTASTIC!


Here is the link for the recipe:


Anyways…I will try to keep more up to date!

Cheers and enjoy the sun!


Workin’ Out…what do you do?



LOVE my me time in the morning!

6 am, up and at ’em!

Since January of this year, I have been doing the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge put on Briana Christine.

It is a free program set up in 90 day challenges.

Here is a link to her webpage…she posts the daily workouts on facebook too!


I LOVE it!  I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed her programs.  We are currently doing 2.0 until it finishes in 60 days and then will do 3.0 in January.

Every day you get an email of the workout to be done.  M, W, F are strength days,  T, TH, S are HIIT cardio days and Sunday is a rest day.

Within the email you get pictorials of all of the exercises as well as a link to the youtube channel she posts the videos on.

I LOVE it!  Have I said that already?  I have steadily increased my weights that I am lifting, and each session you see your reps go up.  Oh ya, you are supposed to keep track of your reps to compare.

When I am not doing BBMC, I run, and also participate in other challenges.  Currently added on a 9 week one for GAME On and am finding my legs getting stronger everyday!  This one includes situps, crunches, mountain climbers, pushups, pistol squats, and squats.

I am also going to try a spin class.  First time for everything!

What do you do?

Fitting it In! Chest and Back Day!


Fitting it In!  Chest and Back Day!

Knew we had to be up and at it today! Lots to do. For me, I like to get my activity and workout out of the way before the kids wake up. My alarm goes off at 5:45am…sometimes I drift until 6, but then it is up and at ’em!

I want to tone and develop the muscles in my back and they are not going to get done on their own!

Still need to fit in some ABS and some CARDIO.

Row on!

Bis and Tris Day: Burn Baby Burn!


Bring on the Burn!

I have to admit, I LOVE lifting!  But I feel a tad silly doing Preacher Curls on my arm of my couch…we make do with what we’ve got!

Here is what my workout looked like; Image

I felt AMAZING after it!  4 rounds, about 30 minutes…and the day will continue!  I still need to fit in ABS and CARDIO.


Arms are looking like this right now.  Working for more definition.


Keep lifting!  I am at 10s and now looking into buying powerblocks so that I don’t have this big pile of loose weights!


What do you do for exercise?