Bring on the 9 Week Challenge!!


I have been MIA!
And I apologize.

I have been getting life back into order.
I have returned to an awesome position as a Teacher presenting In School Field Trips and it has been so much fun!!

AND…I am part of a 3 person team doing a Game On Challenge.

Rules for each day:
5 clean meals that are 2-4 hours apart
3L of water
7+ hours of sleep
30 minutes of activity
introduce a good behaviour: me…10 minutes of stretching
get rid of a bad habit: me…no snacking after 8pm
100 cal of wiggle room foods for the day
select group of foods

You get points for each activity.
It was a $50 buy in, and the winners split the pot.

Sooooo excited to shop with my $300 winnings…I am a GAME PLAYER!!

Here is a typical clean meal for me!


And THESE are delicious WAFFLES! I have not eaten a waffle in about 15 years…will post the recipe anotehr time!


BRING ON THE GAMES! And hope the odds are ever in MY favour!


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