Bring on the 9 Week Challenge!!


I have been MIA!
And I apologize.

I have been getting life back into order.
I have returned to an awesome position as a Teacher presenting In School Field Trips and it has been so much fun!!

AND…I am part of a 3 person team doing a Game On Challenge.

Rules for each day:
5 clean meals that are 2-4 hours apart
3L of water
7+ hours of sleep
30 minutes of activity
introduce a good behaviour: me…10 minutes of stretching
get rid of a bad habit: me…no snacking after 8pm
100 cal of wiggle room foods for the day
select group of foods

You get points for each activity.
It was a $50 buy in, and the winners split the pot.

Sooooo excited to shop with my $300 winnings…I am a GAME PLAYER!!

Here is a typical clean meal for me!


And THESE are delicious WAFFLES! I have not eaten a waffle in about 15 years…will post the recipe anotehr time!


BRING ON THE GAMES! And hope the odds are ever in MY favour!


LES SMASH! Goodbye Scale…..


Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to a SMASH The SCALE event.


I have had a LOVE/HATE…mostly HATE…relationship with my scale.  It DOES NOT measure the weight I can lift, the clothes that fit more comfortably, the smile on my face.


So it was time to say goodbye.

Goodbye my Enemy

Goodbye my Enemy

We wrote messages to them.

And then we SMASHED.



It was so freeing.  And I do not miss stepping on it one bit!

No Friends of Mine

I LOVE that I have traded my weights in.  I have watched myself go from 8lb to 10lb and now 15lb…and only getting stronger!

I also still fit my summer clothes…going on 5 years for some of them!!

How do you measure progress?

Super Easy Roasted Asparagus!


Super Easy Roasted Asparagus!

Delish! and so EASY!

I LOVE asparagus!
But sometimes I get overwhelmed with what to do with it.

For this, I put the oven at 425.
I washed and trimmed the woody end off.
Then I spritzed it with an olive/canola oil blend and fresh ground pepper and pink himalayan salt.
I roasted for about 30 minutes, turning constantly.

I wanted it to be crunchy, so I thought I would broil…not a good plan when using parchment paper! Almost caught the kitchen on fire! But it all turned out!

I just continued to cook until it was the desired texture.


How was your day at school? What did you do? Nothing? Again??


How many of you have kids who come home from school and when you ask, “What did you do at school today?  How was your day?” and they say nothing.

Enter this conversation piece.


A friend of mine shared the page with me and I LOVE it!

I printed out the page and then put it into a frame (it was white, so I decorated them a bit).


Then my kids can use an erasable marker to talk about their day (I didn’t want any more paper around my house).

I am excited to do this tonight with my son!


Lunch! A la fun style!


I LOVE my veggies!

I choose not to eat bread, but struggled to find something to contain my veggies and let me feel like part of the “Wrap Group”.

Enter the Rice noodles sheets.

I put them in water for about 30 seconds and then lay on my cutting board.

I make a figure 8 with 2 of them, and then put a sheet of nori.

I place romaine lettuce, julienned carrots, cukes, and yellow peppers at the center.

And then I roll.


The dip is my homemade almond butter with chia seeds and cinnamon, a bit of water, and Sunset Gourmet’s Thai Chili Garlic Sauce.



What did you have for lunch?


Filling the Belly…Squashing the “I’m Hungry” Woes


I’m hungry. The daily, hourly lament of a 7 yr old boy.

Ii swear H keeps feed in his feet and has a bottomless pit of a stomach.

So, thanks to Prevention, we whipped up some quick less processed granola bars. Took 10 minutes and that includes the melting time of the peanut butter. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

The Recipe:

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup of peanut butter

-melt that together in a small saucepan on the stove just below medium heat

-add to a bowl of combined

1 cup rice krispies

1 cup of oats

1/2 cup chopped nuts…we used almonds

1/2 cup dried cherries or apricots…we did 1/3 cup of chocolate chips

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder


-mix thoroughly and press into a parchment or Saran Wrap lined 8×8 pan

-chill for 1 hour at least and then cut into bars


**if I was at home! I would have added flax meal! hemp hearts! chia seeds! and pumpkin seeds! as well as swapping almond butter for peanut butter and using less honey.


H approved!





“spring” “break”…try “winter stress visit”!



it is supposed to be here.  We had some warm-ish weather and then the hammer was dropped again.

Friday the kids and I packed up and headed to SK to visit my parents at the farm.

Saturday was a day filled with overcast, blowing snow, and wind…but the kids plowed through and payed outside.

6:25pm after supper, the kids decided to go out and play on the snow banks.  They had frozen and melted over the past few days, leaving icicle stalagmites and knives protruding from the ground and now a mom’s worst nightmare.

My Mom had gone outside and the kids quickly called her over and Marrin was screaming!

Marrin had fallen off the snowball and onto the ice leaving a huge gouge in her forehead and her face looking like she had been dragged across a glacier.

We quickly got her in, phoned into the hospital and told them we were coming in.  What a trooper!

6 stitches and many hugs later and we were on our way home.


She is unbelievably strong and makes you realize that things can happen anywhere.  My kids do not live in bubble wrap and I love that they like to be outside.  I am just sad that she had to get so hurt.  😦


and who who wanted to go outside the next day and go sledding…yep…Marrin!


hug your cubs….Momma bears can only be so tough and in so many places.