“spring” “break”…try “winter stress visit”!



it is supposed to be here.  We had some warm-ish weather and then the hammer was dropped again.

Friday the kids and I packed up and headed to SK to visit my parents at the farm.

Saturday was a day filled with overcast, blowing snow, and wind…but the kids plowed through and payed outside.

6:25pm after supper, the kids decided to go out and play on the snow banks.  They had frozen and melted over the past few days, leaving icicle stalagmites and knives protruding from the ground and now a mom’s worst nightmare.

My Mom had gone outside and the kids quickly called her over and Marrin was screaming!

Marrin had fallen off the snowball and onto the ice leaving a huge gouge in her forehead and her face looking like she had been dragged across a glacier.

We quickly got her in, phoned into the hospital and told them we were coming in.  What a trooper!

6 stitches and many hugs later and we were on our way home.


She is unbelievably strong and makes you realize that things can happen anywhere.  My kids do not live in bubble wrap and I love that they like to be outside.  I am just sad that she had to get so hurt.  😦


and who who wanted to go outside the next day and go sledding…yep…Marrin!


hug your cubs….Momma bears can only be so tough and in so many places.


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